Support the right cause. Occupy Chevron!

To all those who will participate in the tour, their friends and whoever is concerned.


We claim to be against the world controlled by multi-corporations, driven by greed and dominance. We praise grassroots initiatives over top-down driver projects. Autonomy over dependence and hegemony. People right to decide over they lives and environment they want to live in. During Cycling Alternatives 2013 we will discuss things, visit initiatives, organize events BUT if you want to go beyond that & support real people in real need, learn about  and join PROTEST that is happening NOW in EASTERN POLAND. It’s almost a month that farmers in little polish village protest against Chevron corporation to explore shale gas in their area. They refuse to accept that this multicorporation will damage their village for its own profits.  Join OCCUPY CHEVRON in ŻURAWLÓW after our trip. It’s not Ecuador, it’s not Niger Delta it is Poland in EU, where people have to fight with the corporation and the state to preserve their nature and livelihoods. Take your tent, take your friends and come to support people fighting for rights to decide upon they lives. Spread the word! Learn more! &



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2 responses to “Support the right cause. Occupy Chevron!

  1. Nadīna Deģe

    I would love to stay in Poland a little longer :)) after the trip. Will the people still be there though?

  2. Definately they will still be there and u can join, maybe others will follow. But it’s quite far

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