Cycling Altbike100ernatives is a Europe-wide Global Education Project. The idea stems from several groups of young Europeans, from GLEN (Global Education Network) and of former participants and trainers of the “Sailing for Sustainability” project.

The project is about 30 young Europeans who will travel 12 days with the bicycle from Berlin to Warsaw. On the way the youth will visit three projects that established alternative economic cycles and structures based on cooperation, solidarity and sustainability. During the project, the youth will receive training workshops and engage in exchanges on theoretical and practical issues of local, cooperative organisations.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of economic alternatives and empower the participants with ideas, skills, knowledge and the contact to other European youth in order to join or develop alternative, cooperative and collaborative local economic initiatives. After 14 days we will have travelled 600 kilometres, trained 30 young adults of different European countries in the topics of alternative economy and ways of finding alternative, cooperative incomes in times of the European economic crisis. We want our ideas to be heard and our group to be seen and thus will reach many more with our vision.


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