Want to participate in Cycling Alternatives?

You are tired of corporate-reality, growth-dominated discourse, competitiveness, shitty work coditions… BUT your are looking forward to learn about/or present alternative lifestyles, collaborative initiatives, self-organising communities… PLUS you love biking. JOIN US!


Berlin to Warsaw | 12-26 July 2013 | 30 people two weeks on bikes | Visiting cooperative initiatives on the way | Practical and theoretical workshops on economic alternatives | Taking the initiative out of our rooms and onto the streets!

We have the idea. We have the plan. We have some money. All we need is you!

What is “Cycling Alternatives”?

“Cycling Alternatives” is a Europe-wide Global Education Project which was set up by several groups of young Europeans, mainly coming from GLEN (Global Education Network of Young Europeans) and from former participants and trainers of the “Sailing for Sustainability” project.

“Cycling Alternatives” draws attention to local initiatives which live alternatives ways of economic and societal organization. It organizes bicycle tours to these local initiatives and tries to make the tour a learning experience for its participants. In learning from existing initiatives, it aims at encouraging people to set up initiatives themselves and promote alternative forms of living. In turn the personal experiences of each participant leave their mark on the tour and make it an informal learning space for all.

Why cycle?

Cycling is a perfect way to show we care! As a slower way of traveling, cycling allows time for reflections and awareness of our environment. It makes the journey the dbike1000estination and it is a self-independent, practical way of traveling. We use our own energy, we are traveling without emission and low consumption. We make the journey our learning destination, and we want to learn outside closed rooms –  not separated from the people. In short: we are collective action!

Cycling Alternatives 2013

The “Cycling Alternatives 2013” tour is planned as a pilot tour for a big tour in 2014. The tour is financed by Youth in Action, an EU program which encourages active citizenship. Cycling for Alternatives 2013 will be 30 young Europeans who will travel 14 days by bicycle from Berlin to Warsaw. On the way we will visit different initiatives that established alternative economic cycles and structures based on cooperation, solidarity and sustainability.

A typical day

We start the day with a common breakfast. After that we pack our stuff and distribute the common food and equipment equally among us. We set off for the road and cycle around 4-6 hours a day, or roughly 50 km. For lunch we will have a longer break and eat all together. After our day’s work, sometime in the afternoon, we will arrive at a nice place for the night and set up our camp. This is the time to enjoy the landscape, relax, find the time to plan further activism, engage in discussions and have small practical workshops (like making a mobile phone charger powered by your bike). In the evenings we will cook in small cooking groups of 5 people and after that find together at some campfire to finish the day.

Our schedule in rough detail

How to participate?

We would be happy if you join us, if:

1.            you have a bicycle and can cycle around 50 km per day (probably with some hot, some windy, some rainy and also some just perfectly nice days!)

2.            you want to find out more about alternative economic cycles and structures based on cooperation, solidarity and sustainability

3.            you are interested to participate by sharing your knowledge, interests and skills with others for example in form of a small workshop, or some other contribution for the group

4.            you want to work together as a group and be ready to share the daily tasks such as preparing meals, pulling trailers, washing and tidying up

5.            you are willing and able to pay a participation fee. You can pay a reduced fee of 30€, the normal fee of 45€ or a solidarity fee of 60€. You can choose the fee according to your economic situation

6.            you are a resident of either Czech Republic, Poland or Germany

7.            and you can bring your own equipment for the tour (more information on what to bring can be found on our blog)

8.            you are between 21 and 30 years of age (Sorry this is due to our funding conditions, but if you are really eager contact us)

And this is what you get from us:

1.            70% of the traveling costs to Berlin and back to your resident town from Warsaw, Poland

2.            accommodation for the whole trip ( camping or hostel fees)

3.            food (which however we all have to carry together),

4.            theoretical and practical workshops about different topics

5.            practical experience,

6.            and two weeks

7.            …meeting 30 people, enjoying nature, doing sports, engaging in discussions, relaxing at campfires, breathing fresh air, sleeping outdoors, gazing at stars, cooking together and having fun

If you feel like participating in this magnificent trip then:

Pump up your tires, oil your chains, ring the bell three times, get more information at our blog [], fill out our APPLICATION FORM  and submit it latest 20 June 2013.

Join the ride!

P.S. After hard discussions we decided not to use Latin but English as the working language of our tour.


2 responses to “Participate

  1. Hi,
    I would love to participate in this en-devour and I would be a perfect candidate because I am passionate about bikes and a host of many other things BUT I don’t meet criteria nr. 6.
    Is it really necessary to be from those country’s ?

  2. Petar

    Is there any chance that you close your eyes for a second and break the 6th rule (about residence)?

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