Here is a map to give you an idea of where we will be each day and where we gonna visit which initiative. The detailed route map will be visible after the expedition tour. Beginning of July we will send out a courageous expedition team to pioneere our way to Warsaw, finding beautiful paths and suitable places to camp.


With this email. we want to give you some more
information. A bit later than expected but still. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! There
is a lot of information hidden!

1. Start of the tour

We will meet on Friday 12.07 | 10 am at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

We would recommend you coming already on Thursday to Berlin in order to make sure that we all will be there Friday morning. If you don’t know anybody in Berlin were you could stay for one night, we can help you to arrange private accommodation. Just email us.

2. End of the tour

Our tour ends on Saturday 27.07 | in the morning in Warsaw. On Friday we will have a final public event which we will partly plan all together on the tour. We will have some initiatives from Warsaw joining us. Although, the last day of the tour is scheduled Friday, 26.07, we would like to end on Saturday morning, so that after the event we can have one last evening together.


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